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 Flatwater Paddling Around Chattanooga

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The gold standard for all flatwater paddling in Chattanooga is the Tennessee River Blueway, which is a 50-mile stretch of river trail that runs from the Chickmauga Dam all the way down to the Nichajack Lake.  This stretch also includes many different interconnected waterways providing for some amazing and very scenic paddles down the river.

If you want to stay closer to home (downtown) than circling the Audobon Island and inspecting the limestone bluffs of the Art District is a great way to get on the river but doesn't venture you too far away from shore.

To rent your flatwater equipment of choice check out these websites.

Roots Rated - the premier guide for everywhere to go for flatwater paddling.

L2Outside - looking for rental equipment in downtown Chattanooga? Then you have found your supplier.

Rusty's Kayaks & Paddleboards - another great rental company ready to get your adventure started.