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Ask anyone is Chattanooga who the top chef is and many people will tell you, Chef Lindley.  Chef Lindley has started several restaurants in Chattanooga, but Alleia is at the top of the list serving a unique interpretation of rustic Italian cuisine using only local ingredients.

Locals Hints:  Make a reservation for this evening, you will need it, and it will be worth it!

Click here to check out Alleia's website.

Public House

Public House came together as an idea of keeping the great things from a fine dining restaurant (great fish and meats, good service and a nice wine list) and losing the things most people don't like about it (required reservations, snooty service, and high price tags).

Local Hints:  You can't go wrong with the fish any time or any day.

Click here to check out the Public House's website.

The Feed Company dish

The Feed Company is one of Chattanooga's great restaurants in the Southside District and serves a wonderful combination of tavern and family dining straight from their farm-fresh menu all while surrounded by a fun and unique environment.

Local Hints: They have a great patio and If the weather is nice, then sitting outside is a plus.

Click here to check out the Feed Company's website.