Hotel near Tennessee Aquarium.


Hotels Near Tennessee Aquarium

The Popular Tennessee Attractions are Right Here in Chattanooga!

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the southeast, The Tennessee Aquarium takes visitors from a cove forest high in the Appalachian Mountains to a colorful coral reef in the blue depths of the Gulf of Mexico.  For more information or help from our concierge team, simply call us at 423-424-3745 or if you prefer,  click here to email us.

So much to see at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN!

Hotel near Alligator Bayou in Chattanooga.


One dozen American Alligators silently patrol the waters in front of a Cajun shack in the Aquarium's new Alligator Bayou exhibit. You may also encounter a gator expert who greets guests among these ancient-looking creatures, answering your gator questions and offering surprising gator facts - like what these reptiles have in common with sharks. You'll also meet many other wetland creatures and observe their amazing natural abilities and unique behaviors at a new animal presentation station.

Hotel near River Journey in Chattanooga.


Beginning as raindrops high in the Appalachian Mountains, the water quickly forms into a sizable river. Explore the flora and fauna of this adventure and be mesmerized by all the living creatures co-existing in this amazing habitat. Watch the river otters joyfully play, catch an animal show in Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari and witness the large scale collection of fish in the River Giants exhibit.

Hotel near Ocean Journey in Chattanooga.


Continue your adventure now traveling to the sea, to experience the mysteries that can only be found in ocean waters. Sharks lurking around the tank while stingrays and sea turtles will capture all eyes. Enjoy the Macaroni and Gentoo penguins as they dive for a swim and interact among them.  Discover the mysterious jellyfish world as they float magically before your eyes. 

Hotel near IMAX movie theater in Chattanooga.


Watch the latest 3D IMAX movies on a six-story IMAX screen, just a block from the Tennessee Aquarium. Visitors can plunge into amazing underwater adventures or travel to fascinating lands while enjoying one of the most engaging movie experiences in the world at Chattanooga's premiere movie theater.